Picasa for Photozou plug-in

You can upload photos to Photozou Photo search and editing software that Google has released from "Picasa". When you install the plug-in from the following, you can add a button to upload to Photozou to Picasa.

Supported Platform: Windows 2000(Picasa 2のみ)、Windows XP、Windows Vista、Windows 7

How to install

Before install Photozou plug-inGoogle Picasaplease install
If you click on the install link, plug-in is downloaded Picasa is started. Then, the screen that you want to add to the menu button of Photozou will be displayed, you can select and add Photozou button.

When you install the Photozou plug-in to Picasa, button "upload to Photozou" will be displayed on the screen of Picasa.

How to use

1:Chose a photo

To upload photos to Photozou from Picasa, and then click [Image 1], "Photozou" button [Image 2] to select photos you want to upload (up to 20 sheets).

2:Login to Photozou

Enter the user name and password of an account of Photozou to upload, log in to Photozou.

3:Select an album and upload

All photos to be uploaded will be displayed in the Picasa screen.
Select the album that you want to upload, and then click the "Upload" button.
Progress bar that indicates the progress of the upload is displayed, upload to Photozou will be completed a while.