Photos posted software[貼る蔵]

Haruzou is an extension that gives windows users greater control over their Photozou experience. With Haruzou you can drag and drop to upload, rotate your images and tag in bulk. Please download the Haruzou extension here.
Screen of Haruzou

Supported Platform: [OS] Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 or later / XP SP1 or later / Vista / 7
(Environment .NET Framework 2.0 or later to work)

How to install

I will do the installation in the following procedure.

1:downloading a file

2:downloaded file haruzou3_setup.exe is executed

3:In the case that NET Framework 2.0 has not installed, it's needed to install.

4:I will guide you through the installation according to the instructions of the installer.

5:I can run in the icon of the "Haruzou" after installation.

Failure to do so may result in the firewall settings, post photos can not be well. In this case, set the firewall. for more infothistake a look

During the download and install, you might get a warning such as "Unknown Publisher", please install it by ignoring.

If you can not download successfully, please try anti-virus such as Norton, from to temporarily turn off your ad removal and software testing.

The way to un-install

You can uninstall from the control panel on the Start menu, you can specify from Add or Remove Programs [Haruzou].

How to use

1:Choose photo

Open the "Haruzouk" the photos you want to upload. There are three ways to how to open the photo. In the case of any of these methods, an Haruzou startup pasting, and then enter the user name and password of Photozou.

1?1:I open a photo from a file dialog

Open from the file dialog to start the Haruzou, and click the menu [Open].

1?2:I open the photo in a drag-and-drop

Start Haruzou and drop it in the Photozou uploader with drag-and-drop from Explorer photos.

1?3:Open the file by right click

Right-click in Explorer on a photo, [send] you can open it in Photozou uploader an image file from the menu.

2:Edit photos / delete

You can rotate 90 degrees clockwise by clicking the green icon To rotate the photo. By clicking on the red icon, photo you do not want to upload, you can be removed from the list of photos to be uploaded.

3:Select the album, enter the tag

Select from the pull-down menu the album you want to upload. Tag you can also enter if necessary.

4:Uploading photo

If you click on the submit button, upload to Photozou starts. Safely upload is complete, a link to the page of Photozou uploaded will be displayed. Also, if you do not want to upload a photo of all, select only the photos to upload, and then click "Post" button.